Tuesday, September 28, 2010


(Eagles fan moments before throwing beer at sick children from make a wish foundation for being on his field)

Philadelphia Eagles:
How ever good the Eagles are this year Eagles fans don't deserve it. Even if Kolb goes blind and the entire defense is blighted with Leprosy it it will be to good for them. Nothing personal just your general scumminess.

Interesting facts:
-You know your favorite pet that died  unexpectedly when you were a kid? An eagles fan killed it.
-Eagles fans made Donovan Mcnabb apologize for the housing market crash.

Ze Football Giants:
The G men move to a new field. Good thing? NO its still in New Jersey. Expect to be robbed every time you go to the bathroom. Or at least mildly irritated by everyone around you

Interesting facts:
-Someone harvest Archie Manning's sperm quick! (then throw out every baby that comes out looking like Eli)

Washington Redskins:
I like Mcnabb so its a shame he plays for the Redskins. I guess that's it. Bad team washed up Quarter back, that's a recipe for success only the hardest of football stomachs are willing to digest

Interesting facts:
-redskins is only a racist team name if you are an Indian. And  whens the last time you met one of them? Besides if nothing else they're good sports. (You thought we were being serious with that treaty didn't you!?)

Dallas Cowboys:
Thank god Jerry Jones built his super mega huge trillion dollar sex fortress. A regular stadium could not contain the annual disappointment that is the cowboys. But if anyone can handle tough playoff loss its the cowboys. Jerry Jones will just take everyone out for gold plated hookers and steaks

Interesting Facts:
- You can draw a direct correlation between the fact that cowboys are "Americas Team" and the rise in domestic terrorism.

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