Tuesday, September 28, 2010


(Breesus doesn't give a fuck. But you should)
New Orleans Saints:
The Saints are the only team not to play in an actual city. Instead they play in a loosely organized pile of rubble inhabited by rocks, shell fish and black people. I had written a moving story about the reconstruction of New Orleans and last years Superbowl when i was down in the big easy but it was stolen along with everything else i own( lets just say I'm not blaming the shellfish)

Interesting facts:
-Drew Brees: Men want him, men want to be him. So women should back the fuck off
-As usual Brees has more weapons then a ninja. WHICH HE IS. Big points repeat, callin it.

Atlanta Falcons: Boggling amount of talent for a disappointing team. Atlanta should put it all together nicely this year.
Interesting Facts:
-Falcons spelled backwards is snoclaf. CONSPIRACY? no I'm just lazy and tired right now.

Carolina Panthers:
Which State is this team in? Who is the number 1 running back on this team? Will Jimmy Clausen suck? The answers: Who gives a fuck, whichever one i draft in fantasy, and god i hope so.

Interesting facts:
-The team is actually in North Carolina
-No one cared about the previous fact
-If you say people from North Carolina care. Your wrong because there not technically people now are they.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
This team is good for laughing at and little else.
Interesting facts:
-I guess the pirate ship thing is pretty sweet. 12 WINS!

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