Friday, October 1, 2010

Archaeologists discover George Blanda is dead

(that skeleton loved to compete)

Monday Night Football:Oh cruel fate, what sadness is this! Here on the greatest of football nights we were given the most terrible of news.  Everyone who did not already assume George Blanda has been dead for decades was SHOCKED to discover that the hall of famer had passed away . In between plays, mourning NFL fans were subjected to highlights we had never seen of the man we had never heard of throwing to white receivers who weren't Wes Welker(playing in the days when racism was essential part of the game took GRIT).  In a graceful eulogy Steve Young and other analysts who had never met Blanda assured us of his various cliche like intangibles. for example i would never have guessed that Blanda "Loved to win" or that he was a "real competitor" Both of which were things i doubted before ESPN's loving coverage. When I hear punks talking about how Blanda hatted winning and displayed a general indifference to the sport I will correct them. Also it seems fair to equate the Packers jizzing all over themselves with penalties to them being haunted by the vengeful spirit of George Blanda. If that wasn't it then they really really suck.

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