Friday, October 1, 2010


Welcome to the first ever post of NFL chuckles. Before we bring you the posts of week 3 and 4 We would like to catch up on the first few weeks of the NFL and the pre season. All things that would have been posted earlier but we did not set the site up till know due to contractual difficulties (hookers made of candy are apparently an "unfeasible request") Clearly it is no longer the preseason and many questions have been answered. Some of the statements made here have long since been proven wrong, but hey I’m selectively clairvoyant. So although this news might be outdated we'll be damned if were gonna update it. Matt Leinart references will abound. Now irrelevant questions like Kolb’s escapability will be analyzed. So sit back and be transported to a magical time. Its four weeks ago! Your fantasy team hadn’t lost yet, we were all optimistic about Dallas, and I wasn’t actively planning to kill Ladainian Tomlinson for my making my second draft pick irrelevant.

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