Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Brett Favres penis means for you

Who hasnt taken pictures of their penis? If you said no your either a girl, a liar, or amish(they have to stencil images of their penis and mail it to girls) But texting said pictures is often ill advised. Regrettably very few girls are thrown instantly into a sexual fervor after viewing a pixilated shot of your cock. Poor lighting and crappy cellphone cameras dont make for the most artful representations of your penis. (if your black ignore all that advice) But of course this isnt just any old junk were talking about. This is Brett Favres junk. Thats some good ol fashioned, down home, wrangler jean encased, mississippi good ol boy penis and testicle combo.

(thats a gutsy veteran cock text)
That said this whole incident is so delightful because of the shockwaves it sent through the cholsetrol clogged hearts of fat fuck Brett Favre admirers everywhere. Madden locked himself in his room and wont come out. Peter King is catatonic, and Jon Gruden... Well lets just ask him

"THIS GUY right here. Brett Favre. hes got COCK DISCIPLINE. im gonna call him the dickanator. If your gonna have a quaterback send pictures of his penis to a girl you need the dickanator under center. Ill say it again, If your gonna send pictures of your cock in the NATIONAL. FOOTBALL. LEAGUE. you need to send pictures of your cock WHEN. IT. COUNTS.

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